Feminine, timeless and versatile.

NUDE FEMME is tailored to the ever youthful woman, one who embodies love and is confident in her own skin.

The label thrives on sensuous pieces that fit and flow with the mood and emotions of the modern ethereal goddess. Enhancing her confidence. Accentuating her sensuality.

NUDE FEMME's range of women's Ready-to-Wear features affordable luxurious and contemporary classics suitable for females in her 20s to 50s. Style and class, without compromise.

Based in Singapore and crafted by NUDE FEMME's very own founder, the classic designs are made to feature as staple pieces in the wardrobe of every woman who values fashion.

Our goal is to empower women, allowing them to embrace their femininity and confident body image. 

Our mission is to revive the enchantment of clothing with our Ready-To-Wear collection.

We aim to diversify and expand our line of lifestyle wearable. The company plans to develop an inventory of unique fashion products that will add value to every woman's wardrobe.

Our products are design by NUDE FEMME’s founder & designer that are made by regional studios who strictly adhere to social compliance that are committed to the principles of Fair trade and Fair wages such as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Garment without Guilt (GWG) standards. This is in line with NUDE FEMME's core values that encapsulates a mindful harmony between people, nature and society.

Thank You.

Be Loving.

Be Sensual.

Be the modern ethereal goddess within you.

With love,

Nude Femme



ADELYN PUTRI ~ Founder and Designer

Adelyn Putri, the innovative mind behind NUDE FEMME, is an experienced marketing and merchandising professional with regional and international experience managing campaigns for both businesses and consumers. She left a regional marketing role in the mobile technology industry in order to pursue her creative endeavours in fashion design.

With an accumulation of over ten years of fashion retail and merchandising experience prior to the technology industry, she has evolved from a regional visual merchandiser for various high-street and international brands to become an independent designer who now features a timeless collection of sensual and modern attire. 

Since her launched, the brand have been featured at fashion-weeks and events across the region selling in Plaza Indonesia-Jakarta, W Hotel Shanghai, W Hotel Suzhou and Singapore Yacht Show after making her debut show at the highly acclaimed Singapore Fashion Week in October 2016. In 2020, she was the top 5 finalists for an annual fashion design competition Singapore Stories organised by Textile and Fashion Federation Singapore (TaFF). 

The catalyst for her creative vision for NUDE FEMME lies in the fundamental concept that femininity is the key to a woman’s inherent strength, and by maintaining a keen interest in holistic wellness and self being, she hopes to bring these ideals to the brand’s essence and core values in each and every design. Mindful harmony between all people in nature and society is the primary mission of NUDE FEMME and it is in this light that her elegant designs are allowed to shine.

Watch the brand video produced exclusively by Runway Moda as she invites you to explore her brand closer.